Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

How does it work?

Clients submit small well-defined coding tasks that go out to a community of developers (Mobsters), who rapidly complete those tasks and commit the code into the Bitmob system. After passing our automated functional testing and a peer review, the code is delivered to the client for final review. Once accepted, the code is delivered directly into the client's git based code repository.

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How much does it cost?

Clients set your own price per task. Mobsters don't see that budget, but if their bid is less than the task budget - they are awarded the task. Depending on your pricing tier, there may be a per task scoping fee, or a per git repository fee.

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What kinds of tasks can I use Bitmob for?

Bitmob is great for programming tasks that are well-defined upfront and are less than about 3 days of effort. This often includes such tasks as writing unit tests, API integrations, and creating AWS Lambda functions.

What technologies or languages does Bitmob support?

We're a language agnostic platform, but we base our Mobster recruiting on client demand, so you'll get the best results within popular languages such as React, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and Swift

Developer Questions

Can any developer become a Mobster?

No. The Bitmob community is by invite only. Each Mobster must pass a technical screening before gaining access to the marketplace. All work is constantly measured to ensure each Mobster performs at a high quality level.

What programming languages does Bitmob have tasks for?

We're a language agnostic platform that adapts to the demand of clients submitting tasks. It is very common to find tasks for popular languages such as React, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and Swift. Tell us what your best at, and we'll match you with well curated tasks as they are submitted.

How quickly do I get paid after completing a task?

On average, payment will be sent within 1-2 days after completing your task. However, depending on your chosen payout method, it could take up to 5 days to arrive in your account.

Is there a minimum amount of hours required to remain a Mobster?

There is no minimum hour requirement, but if you are inactive for an extended period of time, your slot may be given to another Mobster on the wait list.